First contact with aliens

One night I was in my room listening to music.Just then I saw a space ship. I heard it crash and saw that it was on fire through my window so I grabbed my flashlight and went outside to investigate.As soon as I got there I heard a noise like swish slush swish slush and then I saw the door to the space ship open then what came out was an Alien!It looked really freaky because it had green pasty skin and 3 heads with 5 feet he looked really scary so he came out and I thought that he might blast me with his ray gun but he didn`t he gave me a hug.It was gross because it felt all squishy and he had 3 eyes and it was really disgusting and his skin was so disgusting.I kinda like him but everyone was afraid of him because they never knew that he was a kind life form.All he ever wanted was for people to accept him.I just really feel sorry for him.I tried to get every one to like him but they told me that he should have never have come here because we will all ways be afraid of aliens.Since he knew that they will never like him so he fixed up his space ship and he was going to leave because he knew they didn`t want him on there planet so he went in his space ship and he left earth and was never seen again.

Saint Michael School

1. On the level of story-telling: if you were the King (or the aliens), would you allow this story-teller to live another day? If no,why not?
i would of never let the story-teller live one more day because,it would of bin better if this person added more stuff in the middle,but over all the story was good. nice job!!!!

2. Be specific, try not to merely write, " this was good", instead explain what was good about it and why.
i like the part when the alien was not evil but nice.
3. Would you Nominate this story to the "Hall of Fame" stories.
yes, because it was very good.