Parents Night Out

One night my friends Storm,Tomee,Raistlin and Wyatt were over and my mom&dad and baby brother
were out. We had a sleep over.we watched bad boys II the matrix and Room1408.right after that the
lights went out and every body freaked!we heard a tap on the window but it was a treebranch.then
we heard a knock at the door.we were too scared to go.the knock got louder.wyatt told me to go
check but I didn't want togo .the phone rang,I jumped,knowing it was my mom Iran to anser it.
she toldme she was on her way I went to the window peeking out I saw a hookhanded
man walking downthe alley.Mom&Dad pulled up.we were safe.


Best Vacation: to BC
Birth Month: january
Career Goals: professional football player
Favorite Band(s):GreenDay and Fall Out boy
Favorite Candy: twix
Favorite Food: ribs
Favorite Munchie:sunchips
Favorite Soda: cola
Favorite Subject: phys ed
Pet Peeve: When People cheat
Pets:sadlly none

Saint Michael School

1. On the level of story-telling: if you were the King (or the aliens), would you allow this story-teller to live another day? If no,why not?
No, there was not enough detail and no a great plot.
2. Be specific, try not to merely write, " this was good", instead explain what was good about it and why.
It was alright and could of been much better.
3. Nominate "Hall of Fame" stories.
No, I would not.