hi my name is candy221 from canada
Best Vacation:when i went to b.c
Birth Month:october
Career Goals:to do all my work
Favorite Band(s):hillary duff and the jones brothers
Favorite Candy:gummie worms and gum
Favorite Food:pizza and chines food
Favorite Munchie:gronola bar and chips
Favorite Soda:7up and pop
Favorite Subject:gym and since
pet Peeve:cats bug me somtimes
Pets:2 dogs,1 lizards
Siblings:1 sister
Other things you should know about me...i live with my mom and dad and i am moving in june for sure.my first lizard

my story title: Winter world

It all started in winter world because Jessica had a mission to find aliens in space.in space we have to have armer and other stuff.
you can see aliens in the night only if you are an asternot.Asternots live in a space staion in space so they can watch for space alien while they eat
lunch.Some alien sometimes takes people from earth and take them to the layer.tThe layer is where they have meetings and also sleep in there.
some of the alien sleep in the morning because they need to sleep.there is about 202 aliens in space because they love living in space because it is there sort of place and they love quit an so much food to eat...somebody saw jessica with the aliens when the guy saved jessica from the aliens he kissed her and said i love you jessica,she blushed and said i love you ken.both of them lived happy ever after.

the end

1. Think of plot—is it original? (If an adaptation, is it creative or interesting to you?) - Yes. Very original.

2. Think about problems that the characters face. Are there complications that add enough suspense, tension, or interest? Is there a climax that satisfies you? Is the resolution satisfying? What could be added or changed? - We think that the story could be more suspenseful and more of a story line wouldn't hurt.

3. Think of characterization—are the characters life-like? Are characters likable and enjoyable? Do we get a good sense of character from many of these: description, dialogue, narrator's opinion, discussion from other characters, the character’s own actions? - We didn't connect to the character very much.

4. Think of imagery and details. Do they help you see and hear and experience the story? - There wasn't much detail or imagery, although it was very imaginative. =]

5. What areas of the story need the most improvement? - The whole story line itself was very confusing.



Saint Michael School

1. On the level of story-telling: if you were the King (or the aliens), would you allow this story-teller to live another day? If no,why not?
2. Be specific, try not to merely write, " this was good", instead explain what was good about it and why.
Te story was not clear
3. Nominate "Hall of Fame" stories.
not a hall of fame