7:00 ding ding ding
Got to feed the cattle the cattle are angry im late getting
the 100 cattle running to wourds me the trator slids
throw the gate.im driving home the cattle are happy o on
sime stuck why dose my phone all ways run out of
batrey when I need it? Im walking back to the hay shead
I got there o on its lunch time no ones hear I wonder if I
can get the old pw80 to start hay that’s all rong with it it
need olal and petrol BANG it starts off I go down the
track o I forgot it has no brackes CRASH well there gose
a good motorbike I walk home finlly home (mum can
plez have some lunch) (yes thears a pie in the freza)
(what took you so long you left at 7:00 and got back at
1:30) (I got the trator stuck and got pw50 to work and
sent it to heavin) (o)(when are you going to town)(now)I
whent back to get the traora.
Ding ding ding o on here comes a 9:00 drive to dubbo
im hear (pa whares the new kenworth) (down the main
street and the second left)(ok)at12:00 we got home and
went to bed.

The end