Best Vacation:In the , family travels to many beaches. I vacation with my dad and my sisters and brother; Nina, Paul, Misha, we go to Fort Qu Appelle and to Regina beaches. We go fishing, swimming, fish restaurant for some fish and chips.
Birth Month:October 6th, 1995
Career Goals: I wish to be a police officer
Favorite Band(s): Led Zeppelin, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Pink Floyd
Favorite Candy: anything with mints in it, ice cream, chocolate bars, candy, etc.
Favorite Food: Pizza, lasagne, steak, ribs, buffalo wings, buffalo sausage, deer sausage, Pizza Hut(ham and pineapple)
Favorite Munchie: Doritas, chips, licorice, chocolate chip cookies, beef jerkey
Favorite Soda: Pepsi, Coke, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Nas(energy drink), mint tea and a little bit of coffee (Tim Horton's and regular coffee) and of course water and juice (peach, cherry, fruit punch)
Favorite Subject: Reading, little bit of math, history, gym, recess
Hobbies/Sports: guns, hunting, cars, hot rods, dirt bikes, ATV's, football is my favourite sport, Saskatchewan Roughriders are my favourite team, floor hockey, wallyball, I like to watch hockey especially the Calgary Flames.
Pet Peeve: people who don't know how to drive properly, people who don't clean up after themselves, people who force you to work, I don't like mosquitoes because of the West Nile virus.
Pets: I have 2 fish, a goldfish and another fish, their names are Freddy and I can't remember the one's name.
Siblings: Brother Paul, sisters Misha & Nina
Other things you should know about me....
I love the country side, I like being outside, I like to hunt and fish. I love riding dirtbikes and racing. I am the second oldest and my mom's name is Sundance and my dad's name is JP. I like to get my hands dirty on vehicles and I like to work on cars. I can change the oil on a car and change a tire on a car.

The Car

This is my story about my favourite car the SSRS Camaro. Once upon a time I saw this nice car and I wondered if it was real or not. I kept thinking about it alot. The car's body was white and it had 2 bright orange stripes that ran from the front of the car to the back. The wheels had nice rims they were shiny and chrome. My dad told me a secret about a Camaro like that, he told me about the highway headlights in the front and reverse headlights in the back. And I asked my dad "did you ever own one?" and he never answered my question.

The next day I kept asking him if he ever owned a Camaro and he told me "I have to get to work son." I spoke to my mom and asked her and my mom said "Not now Hyacinthe", then I asked my auntie and my uncle the same question about the Camaro, they both said "Should we tell him?" but they never told me anything. The following day I wanted to peek at my dad's old garage, so I opened the old broken door of the garage. I saw this old car sitting there, suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked back really fast and saw my father he asked "What are you doing in there?" I told him that I wanted to see what was in the garage and he told that there was nothing in there for me and told me to go back inside the house.

When I got to school I remembered that today was my birthday, my friends asked me what I was doing and I told them I thought I saw an old car in my dad's garage. So my friends asked if we can sneak back in there in the middle of the night when they were sleeping. So I thought maybe that was a good idea but then I thought I may need a flashlight. That night when my parents went to sleep I checked to see if they were in bed first and if they were sleeping, then I snuck out the back door. I found a flashlight and turned it on as I walked to the garage. My friends didn't show up so I went to the garage door and opened it. And I heard some people in the garage and I wanted to know who they were. I suddenly saw my mom and my dad throwing a surprise party for me, as soon as I walked in they yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". And I got really scared and ran towards the house and my mom and dad said "What's his problem?"

The next morning I didn't know what happened I must have fallen asleep on the couch and my dad was getting ready for work. And I asked him "Who's car is that, yours?" And he said "yes", so I laughed and said "I knew it was yours." My dad said "Happy Birthday" and walked out the door to go to work. Later that day when my dad came home from work he brought me a little toy Camaro car and said it's got everything like mine.

The End

Saint Michael School

1. On the level of story-telling: if you were the King (or the aliens), would you allow this story-teller to live another day? If no,why not?
Yes, I would it was interesting but more tension and suspense would make it better.
2. Be specific, try not to merely write, " this was good", instead explain what was good about it and why.
I liked the detail but a more interesting plot would of been great.
3. Nominate "Hall of Fame" stories.
No, I would not.