Grade: 7
Best Vacation: Person 1: Bush Gardens, Virginia/ Person 2: Lavallette, New Jersey (Down the shore)
Birth Month: Person 1: February/ Person 2: June
Career Goals: Person 1: School Teacher/ Ballet dancer and dog trainer
Favorite Band(s): Person 1: Naked Brothers Band(not really naked!)/ Person 2: Hannah Montana
Favorite Candy: Person 1: Chocolate / Person 2: Smarties
Favorite Food: Person 1: Pasta/ Person 2: Baked ziti (ALL Italian foods!!)
Favorite Munchie: Person 1: Fruits and Vegetables / Person 2: Vegetables (broccoli!)
Favorite Soda: Person 1: Diet Caffeine Free Cola/ Person 2: EW! Soda's bad for you!
Favorite Subject: Person 1: Science / Person 2: Math and Social Studies
Hobbies/Sports: Person 1: basketball and hip-hop dance/ Person 2: Ballet!!, singing, drawing, acting, doing research on dogs!
Pet Peeve: Person 1: SCHOOL!!!!/ Person 2: When people say curse words, put themselves down, and don't connect their letters when they write!!! :)
Pets: Person 1: Two hamsters (Squeaky and Cookie)/ Person 2: I don't have one, but I REALLY want a dog!
Siblings: Person 1: I'm an only child/ Person 2: An older brother (two years older)
Other things you should know about me...
Person 1: I love Spongebob and the Fairly Odd Parents!!!! Cartoons Rule!!!! Person 2: I love the Disney princesses, especially Ariel! I also love Nintendo games with Super Mario in them. He's my favorite character! (I love to watch Disney Channel!!)

(First Draft)

Skipper The Super Dog

“Flash!” the picture of Skipper the Chocolate Labrador Retriever had just been taken, and fans were crowding the scene wanting a single glance at the new superhero. His owner George Hopp was praising his adored pet, giving him various treats. “May we have a word with your dog?” was the question buzzing around the paparazzi, but all Skipper (the new celebrity) could say was “Bark!” “Bark, our new slogan for Toasty Tom’s Dog Meats!” yelled Tom, the local store owner.
After much excitement, it was time for George and his amazing dog to go home. “What a rush!” thought Skipper, but all he could say was bark. “Good boy!” replied George, busy thinking what delicious dinner he would give his dog. “You were great out there, saving that baby girl. What was her name? Oh yeah, Wendy Smith!” “Bark” replied Skipper, not knowing the magnitude of his accomplishment.

(Five years later)
“Useless dog! I told you to stop hanging around here!” yelled Tom. “Bark!” Said Skipper as he walked out of the angry man’s dog store. The old dog ran around the block when a newspaper dropped by his feet. As Skipper tried to comprehend what had happened, his eyes spotted the front page. His mind raced, and most of his long lost memory came swirling around him. The front page was showing a local “super” dog and his owner, giving the dog a huge amount of affection. “Bark!” said Skipper, as his memories rushed back. “ I remember when I was in the spotlight, before people forgot about me,” thought Skipper, saddened by his loneliness. “I know my owner looked for me, he loved me so much.”
As George looked at the newspaper he said to himself, “I remember when Skipper was a hero.”
“Who’s Skipper?” asked his nosy neighbor, unable to control her curiosity.
“Oh, just my dog. He went missing about five years ago, one of the saddest times of my life.”
“I’m sorry to hear that, what happened?”
“Skipper used to be the town hero, finding person after person with his amazing nose. Then one day he went on a mission but never returned, for the police had found the person before old Skipper did. My dog lost the scent, and he started to wander around. Because he had traveled so far unknowingly, he never found his way back.”
“I wish I could have met him, but I moved in last year,” said the neighbor, disappointed because she had missed all of the excitement. “Would you like to come in?” asked George, trying to cheer her up after the sad story.
“Bark, Bark!” “Be quiet you crazy dog!” yelled the dogcatcher, loading Skipper into his truck. “Hey, you remind me of….wait you couldn’t be,” the dogcatcher said disappointedly, for he missed the old hero. “Let’s take you to the pound, you’ll be taken care of there.

“You’re optimistic words about pets are becoming contagious! You’re convincing me to get a dog!” said George’s interested neighbor. “Well, you could start your search today! I got Skipper at the local dog pound, I bet you would find a great companion there,” exclaimed George, wanting to be able to see a dog more often. “I’ll get my purse, and by the way, my name it Ashley Ayoti.”
Two strong men escorted skipper into the pound. “Bark!” Skipper exclaimed as he was being put in a small area blocked off by bars. As soon as the men had locked the door, a man and a woman walked toward Skipper’s cage. Suddenly, Skipper’s bark made the man jump and turn towards him. “Hey! He looks like Skipper!” As George and Ashley neared the cage, Skipper jumped on his hind legs, which revealed his white patch of fur. “ It’s Skipper! Old Skipper!” George asked the security guards if they could take Skipper out of the cage and play with him. The men unlocked the door and with a forceful leap, Skipper jumped into George’s arms. “How I missed you! I can’t believe this!” Ashley knew that they belonged together, and George and his new (old) dog went home.
Later on, Skipper and George remembered old times. It was only about an hour until Skipper’s old instincts came back. “Bark! Bark!”
“Do you smell something, boy? Is someone lost?” Asked George anxiously.
“Bark!” and before Skipper could repeat his bark, he ran out of his old doggy door and into town. George and Ashley quickly followed, but Skipper was too fast for them. When Skipper reached his destination, he stopped short and watched the old jeep rush down the road. A girl, about six years old, was in the middle of the street, playing with her little friend. They hadn’t noticed the automobile charging towards them, and it seemed Skipper was the only one aware of the danger the girls were in. As if from instinct, he ran into the street and led the two girls to safety. George and Ashley ran to the scene out of breath from the excursion. “You saved them!” George exclaimed, beaming with pride. Before another word could be said, the paparazzi surrounded the scene, getting bits and pieces of information from the surprised hero dog. One of the bystanders asked the girl, “What’s your name sweetie?” “Wendy, Wendy Smith.”
George recalled the name, but couldn’t pinpoint the person in his mind. Suddenly, he remembered Skipper had saved the same girl about five years ago from wandering in the streets. “This girl has to learn street safety,” George thought to himself. Wendy’s parents rushed to their daughter’s side, thanking Skipper with all their heart. Wendy’s mother asked the dog how he knew Wendy was in trouble, but once again the only thing Skipper could say was “Bark!”
Ashley and George fell in love and got married. Now, both of them get to share the wonderful “super” dog, old Skipper!